Top Six Business Vloggers — And What They Are Doing Right

In the previous entries to the Struu blog, we’ve discussed big concepts and macro-scale matters, such as the insight economy, new communications culture and knowledge sharing. On this one, however, we’ll dig deeper into the bread and butter of the Struu service: video content creation and distribution. To highlight best practices and styles to vlogging […]

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May 22, 2019
How to Build a Video Ecosystem on Struu

In this article, we take a look at the step-by-step practice of building a video ecosystem on the Struu platform. If the concept of a video ecosystem is yet unfamiliar, I recommend you take a look at our article addressing the concept in more detail.   Ecosystem in brief Calling on professor J. Bradford DeLong’s definition of […]

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May 21, 2019
This is Why We Don’t Do “Likes” on Struu

“With the knowledge we now have on the effects the “dopamine-driven feedback loops” have on both our wellbeing and the content itself, we should really consider whether that’s the world we want to incorporate to our internal communications platforms.”

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May 8, 2019
Why You Should Start a Company Internal Vlog (And how to do it)

  Video is an amazing medium for affecting and engaging people across the company. It is faster and more attainable than a blog, more flexible than a meeting and more engaging than an email.   But of course, you know this already. That’s why you’re here.   Vlogging is generally perceived as a marketing means, […]

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April 24, 2019
This is why your choice of videoplayer matters

This article discusses the importance of the video player in delivering amazing CX. Delivering video content for internal knowledge sharing and aiding the clients’ to succeed in their needs, may that be inspirational examples, how-to instructions or even video-based one-on-one customer service – has become a vital part of the CX.

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April 10, 2019
What is a video ecosystem and how can it benefit your organisation?

The article delves into the general concept of an ecosystem and particular concept of a video ecosystem. The text highlights the benefits to adopting an ecosystem strategy.

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April 3, 2019
What Developers and Publishers Need to Know About the GDPR

One of the hottest topics of the year is the fast approaching General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), affecting organisations and businesses that collect and handle data on EU citizens. Available information on the GDPR, effective in May 2018, is plentiful and riddled with nominal details. Therefore, we thought it best to recap and distill all […]

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March 22, 2019
Why Video Reigns Supreme — The Knowledge Sharing Paradigm

  Regardless of the field, business is becoming increasingly information-dependent. Today, companies across industries are looking at data and insights to guarantee continuity and success. Successful examples of this insight-orientation are myriad, ranging from Spotify’s ingenious curation of Discover Weekly to Avis’ customer value determination. Conversely, companies that aren’t on the insight wagon, don’t seem […]

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Facebook Algorithm Update: A Death Blow to Video Publishers?

About a month ago, Facebook announced an update to their News Feed algorithm. According to the announcement, the latest update serves to favour personal posts by friends and family that drive more interactions. Which — I suppose — is something that many users prefer over a passive stream of news articles, videos and click-bait crap with questionable origins. While […]

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